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Hydro Aurora Herbal Shisha Hello, folks. Paul here once again and I have another review for you. This one is for Hydro Aurora Pineapple and as you saw in the packing section of this, this isn’t tobacco, this is an herbal product. From what I can tell, the plant matter that is used in this tobacco substitute is […]

Starbuzz Tropicool Shisha Hello, folks, Paul here again with another review for you. This one is for Starbuzz Tropicool shisha. I was terrified of this flavor when I first smelled it. In the can, it smells really strong, amazingly artificial and overly, way, way overly sweet. But once it’s actually smoking, it’s much more enjoyable than that […] Paul: Hello folks, it is Paul and Cari here once with another review for you and this one is another Shisha Fruits review. This is for DeKang Shisha Fruits Pineapple. I’m enjoying it. The first thing I really noticed about this product is that it smelled like a pineapple Julius, which I might be […] I wanted your opinions on the Fumari flavor that I NEEDED to try and the response was practically unanimous. Fumari White Gummi (Gummy) Bear seems to be the most loved flavor from the entire line and I can easily see why. So, let’s see what all the hype is about. This tobacco is astoundingly wet […]

There is something special about the first time that you are really let down by one of you favorite brands. Shisha on the Beach was my first try at the Mix line from Nakhla and I have found myself disappointed by one of my favorite brands. Nakhla Mix Shisha on the Beach is a big bowl of […]

 I’m not a big fan of energy drinks.  I like some of them but I am not a caffeine person so I kind of avoid them.  The few that I have tried in the past taste too medicinal and chemical for me to enjoy regardless of the caffeine. Social Smoke Mobster is blended to taste like […] Pineapple, coconut and pina colada are all flavors that many people shy away from.  For a long time I was the same way.  These three flavors have the poor luck of being associated with sunblock in my mind.  Most brands I have tried just end up making these three taste like the sickly scent […]

This is what makes up a cactus breeze according to various drink sources and I have never had one.  When I heard “cactus” in the name I thought it was going to taste of cactus pear.  Cactus pear is an interesting little fruit that grows in the desert, you guessed it, on a type of […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed