Hookah Coals – Complete Guide

Charcoal is the spark of life in the world of hookah. Without heat we have no smoke and you're just sucking air through a fancy pipe. These coals come in two major varieties: "Natural" and "Quick … [Read More]


How Much Water in the Hookah Base?

A question I get once in a while is how much water to put into the base of a hookah.  This is a hard question to answer without a specific hookah in mind but there are some general rules that will help you find … [Read More]

Banana Shisha Fruits

Shisha Fruits Banana Review

Hello hookah.org. Paul here once again, sadly alone because Cari is pretty sick this week. I have a review for you. This one is for Shisha Fruits Banana. As you saw in the packing part of this video, there … [Read More]


Cleaning a Leather Hookah Hose

I love traditional leather hoses but many people complain that they can't be washed. The washable hose has now become the standard but leather hoses still have their followers and benefits in the world of more … [Read More]

Two Apples Shisha Fruits

Shisha Fruits Two Apple Review

Hello once again. It is Paul here for hookah.org with a video review for you. This one is for another one of the Shisha Fruits flavors. This is Shisha Fruits Double Apple. I don’t think it’s a particularly … [Read More]


Hookah Heat Management

I'm constantly asked for advice on burnt bowls, wispy smoke, harsh sessions and lacking flavor. The answer I give is almost universally, "check your heat management". That seems like a vague answer because … [Read More]


Shisha Fruits Pineapple Review

Paul: Hello folks, it is Paul and Cari here once with another review for you and this one is another Shisha Fruits review. This is for DeKang Shisha Fruits Pineapple. I'm enjoying it. The first thing I … [Read More]


What Is The Ideal Size For a Bowl?

Hookah is one of those hobbies that can get a little daunting when you realize how many different kinds of stems, tobaccos, charcoals, hoses, bowls and bases there are in the world. With so much to keep track … [Read More]


Shisha Fruits Mint Review

Paul: Hello hookah.org. It is Paul and Cari here on the fourth of July smoking Shisha Fruits Mint. This is one that I've been looking forward to ever since we got the Shisha Fruits samples because I absolutely … [Read More]


A Guide to Turkish Hookahs

Until a few years ago it seemed liked nobody in the western world even knew that Turkey had hookahs and now they are the standard by which many others are judged. Trends come and go but the truly traditional … [Read More]


Review of Al Fakher Natural Coals

First things first. I want to demystify the notion that people think that just because the front of the box reads “Easy Light”, that it automatically makes this coal “Quick Light”. There’s a BIG difference … [Read More]

Watermelon Vase Hookah

How to Make a Watermelon Fruit Hookah

In another example of our unending quest to give you everything you ask for and more I present to you my guide for making your own watermelon hookah vase. It takes a little work but it's an eye catching … [Read More]


Shisha Fruits Peach Review

Paul: Hello again hookah.org. Paul and Cari here with another review for you. This one is another one of the Shisha Fruit, DeKang Shisha Fruits Peach. As you can see, the clouds are very good. They're … [Read More]