Stabilizing a Hookah on Carpet

Ideally I would have my own smoking room with beautiful hardwood floors on which I can place my hookah and know it's not going to tip. Well, I currently sit in my carpeted apartment and contemplate my lack of … [Read More]


Adding E-Liquid to Shisha Tobacco

When you break them down into their basic concepts, hookah and electronic cigarettes are surprisingly similar. There are even some products designed to convert your hookah into an "E-Hookah" by replacing the … [Read More]


Relighting (Reusing) Hookah Coals

I hate spending more money than I need to and I rarely like to spend money on myself. It comes with the territory of being a broke, working artist. to that end I' have spent a lot of time trying to enjoy my … [Read More]


5 Best Hookah Flavors

Anyone would be hard pressed to choose just 5 flavors of hookah tobacco to smoke for the rest of their lives but you folks have twisted my arm and it's time that I reveal my 5 best hookah flavors in no … [Read More]