Orange Hookah Bowl

How to Make an Orange Bowl Hookah

Another chapter in the quest to turn every piece of fruit into a hookah bowl and the Orange hookah bowl is on the chopping block. In this process I change up a few things from my previous fruit bowls that I think I'll be applying to every one that follows. Read along and see what I mean. The basic principle behind making any fruit bowl is ...[READ MORE]

Dirty Kaloud Lotus Hookah Boiwl

Deep Cleaning the Kaloud Lotus Bowl

For the uninitiated, the Kaloud Lotus is a heat management device that replaces your foil and a wind cover. Built out of some thick, space-age metals, the Lotus excels at providing a uniform, long-lasting hookah smoking experience, often outlasting the tobacco in your bowl. But it sure does get dirty! A quick Google or YouTube search will ...[READ MORE]


HoboHookah Portable Hookah Review

I'm a traveler and the appeal of a hookah built durable and adaptable enough to take on the road really appeals to me. To that end I've picked up a HoboHookah and I've been smoking with it for long enough that I feel I can lodge an opinion. I don't like the HoboHookah. That probably seems a bit harsh but keep reading and I'll offer some ...[READ MORE]

Texas Hookah Logo

Texas Hookah Vendor Review

Here at we are always looking for the best customer experience to recommend and a big part of that is the vendor. To that end I've been making anonymous orders with some of our supporting vendors to see how easy the process is and how well they handle their customers. As always, I'm going to be brutally honest and present you folks with ...[READ MORE]

How to get large hookah smoke

Large Hookah Smoke / Refresh Old Shisha

I have a problem with leaving tobacco on my shelf for too long and letting it dry out. If I had a normal collection it wouldn't be a problem but the sheer number of flavors I have on hand means sometimes a pack will get pushed to the back of the shelf and forgotten. Revitalising old tobacco is a bit of an art form but the most simple way to do this ...[READ MORE]

Mazaya Peach Shisha

Mazaya Peach Shisha Review

Hello, folks, Paul here once again with another tobacco review for you. This one is for Mazaya Peach. I have smoked a few of the Mazaya flavors at this point and I find that they all have a follow-through line. They tend to be a little bit light and this tobacco is absolutely no different. As you can see, the clouds are good. I am using my new ...[READ MORE]

Haze Frozen Lakes

Haze Frozen Lakes Shisha Review

Hello, folks, Paul here once again with another shisha tobacco review for you. This one is for Haze Tobacco Frozen Lakes. You’ll notice that I didn’t even give you a packing video at the beginning of this one because I’ve tried this one a few times now and I don’t like it. I find that the smell in the package is sickeningly sweet and unpleasant. ...[READ MORE]

Top Social Smoke Flavors

Top 5 Social Smoke Flavors

It should be no surprise that I'm a big fan of Social Smoke as a brand but many of you have been asking for my top 5 Social Smoke flavor picks. While I love many of their flavors I found it pretty easy to pick my top 5 that I mus have in my collection at all times. Arabian Nights Social Smoke Arabian Nights is a delicious tobacco with notes ...[READ MORE]

Afzal Bombay Pan Masala

Afzal Bombay Pan Masala Shisha Review

Hello, folks, Paul here with another tobacco review for you. This is for Afzal Bombay Pan Masala. I have reviewed their Pan Masala Supreme in the past and given it a pretty solid rating. I’m gonna go ahead and give this one a good rating, too. It is definitely a spiced flavor. It is a more classic style of flavor that might not appeal to everyone, ...[READ MORE]

Top 5 Al Fakher Flavors

Top 5 Al Fakher Flavors

You folks asked for it and I am more than happy to provide. Here are my picks for the Top 5 Al Fakher Flavors and I'm damn sure you won't agree with all of them. Let's jump right in. 1. Golden Eskandarani Apple I may have talked about this flavor more than any other on the list. It's a sweet and slightly sour apple flavor with a well balanced ...[READ MORE]