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Filter by Custom Post Type Paul: Hello folks. Paul and Cari here once again with another video review for you. This one is for Shisha Fruits Green Apple. As you can see, the clouds are very good, which is to be expected from Shisha Fruits, considering that it’s just fruit and glycerin basically and flavoring. The flavor on this […] Hey folks. Paul here. You caught me on a relatively lazy say smoking some bacon with some hickory chips and smoking from Banana Foster from Social Smoke mixed with Shisha Fruits Banana. This is a winning combination. If you like banana flavors, I really can’t recommend this highly enough. It is a great balance […] Paul: Hi once again It is Paul and Cari here with another review for you. This one is for Shisha Fruits Pear. The smoke is good, which as I’ve said before, is to be expected with Shisha Fruits at this point. This one is not really doing is for me. Part of that […]

Top Pumpkin Hookah Flavors

When you’re hunting for the right flavor to smoke for Halloween one of the most common suggestions is Pumpkin Pie. There are a lot of options out there but many of them are pretty terrible. Below is a list of my suggestions that I fell will keep you happily smoking throughout the month. Each of […] Hello folks. Paul here once again for and I have another mix for you. This one is Shisha Fruits Green Apple and Hookah Hookah Butterscotch. Unsurprisingly, this is a caramel apple flavor and I actually think its one of the best I’ve come across. A lot of caramel flavors have an artificial waxy […] Hello folks. Paul here once again with another video review for you. This one is for Shisha Fruits Black Grape. This is definitely an enjoyable flavor. It is sweet, it is fruity, but I’m not sure that I would say it tastes like grape. If it tastes like anything, I would say it’s more […]

Charcoal is the spark of life in the world of hookah. Without heat we have no smoke and you’re just sucking air through a fancy pipe. These coals come in two major varieties: “Natural” and “Quick light“. Let’s start off with one very basic pointer. Your charcoal needs to be fully lit before it goes anywhere […] Hello folks. Paul here once again with another video review for you, this one for Shisha Fruits Watermelon. Very much watermelon. As you can tell, the clouds are very good because as with all of the Shisha Fruits products, this is just fruit flavoring and glycerin so lots of big clouds, but a huge […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed