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Hookahfina Pinkberry Shisha

Hey, folks, Paul here with another review for you. This one is for Hookahfina Pinkberry, which is a grapefruit blueberry kind of fruity mix. I’m enjoying it. It is definitely predominantly pink grapefruit. It has a distinctly, almost bitter, slightly biting characteristic that I expect from a good grapefruit because, you know, there’s that bitter, […]

Top 5 Mint Shisha Flavors

Minty goodness is my favorite way to refresh the taste buds after smoking and reviewing countless flavors but what are my favorite mint flavors? There may be more mint tobaccos to choose from than any other flavor thanks to some brands having multiple different mints, which can get a bit overwhelming. Now I’m here to […]

Mazaya Rose Shisha

Hello, folks. It is Paul here for with another tobacco review for you. This one is for Mazaya Rose. I’m a big fan of floral flavors in general, but rose is probably my favorite. It’s a very classic hookah flavor and this, I think, is a solid, solid offering from a brand that I […] Review

This review is based entirely on my own experience. This order was placed anonymously and I have not been bought off or influenced in any way. I have heard some pretty negative things about ordering with but my experience was wholly positive. The website feels fine and is easy to navigate. The variety of products […]

Nakhla Fakhfakhina Mango Shisha

[Transcripts] Hello, It’s Paul here once again with another review for you and this one is for Nakhla Fakhfakhina Mango. I’m a big fan of mango flavors but this one is just not doing it for me. It really doesn’t taste like mango, it’s kind of soapy. I find the flavor very heat-sensitive; if […]