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Charcoal is the spark of life in the world of hookah. Without heat we have no smoke and you’re just sucking air through a fancy pipe. These coals come in two major varieties: “Natural” and “Quick light“. Let’s start off with one very basic pointer. Your charcoal needs to be fully lit before it goes anywhere […]

Hello folks. Paul here once again with another video review for you, this one for Shisha Fruits Watermelon. Very much watermelon. As you can tell, the clouds are very good because as with all of the Shisha Fruits products, this is just fruit flavoring and glycerin so lots of big clouds, but a huge amount […]

Banana Shisha Fruits

Hello Paul here once again, sadly alone because Cari is pretty sick this week. I have a review for you. This one is for Shisha Fruits Banana. As you saw in the packing part of this video, there are slices of banana. That is what goes into this and that’s really what it tastes […]

Paul: Hello folks. It is Paul and Cari here once again with a Shisha Fruits review for you. This one is for Red Apple and I got to say I’m enjoying it. We had tried the Green Apple before and we’re impressed by the flavor of it, especially regarding accuracy. It was really good. This […]

Two Apples Shisha Fruits

Hello once again. It is Paul here for with a video review for you. This one is for another one of the Shisha Fruits flavors. This is Shisha Fruits Double Apple. I don’t think it’s a particularly good double apple. Funny enough, it actually has too much apple flavor. I know that sounds odd […]

Paul: Hello folks, it is Paul and Cari here once with another review for you and this one is another Shisha Fruits review. This is for DeKang Shisha Fruits Pineapple. I’m enjoying it. The first thing I really noticed about this product is that it smelled like a pineapple Julius, which I might be dating […]