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Tangiers Cane Mint Hello, folks, Paul here once again and I’ve got another review for you. This one is for Birquq Cane Mint by Tangiers tobacco. The Birquq line is a slight modification on the Noir style of tobacco. It uses, from what I understand, a slightly different type of molasses that makes it less heat-sensitive and […]

Starbuzz Queen of Sex Shisha Hello, folks. Paul here once again with another review for you and this one is for Starbuzz Queen of Sex shisha, which is an odd name for a citrus blend. When I smelled this one in the can, it smelled very prominently of like an artificial pink lemonade or like a strawberry lemonade but […]

Starbuzz Mighty Freeze Shisha Hello, folks. Paul here once again with another review for you and this one is for Starbuzz Mighty Freeze shisha, which is a lemon mint flavor. Now, I was very worried about this one because in the can it smells a lot like cleaning products. It smells like Pledge, it smells like Pine-Sol, it […]

Haze Frozen Lakes Hello, folks, Paul here once again with another shisha tobacco review for you. This one is for Haze Tobacco Frozen Lakes. You’ll notice that I didn’t even give you a packing video at the beginning of this one because I’ve tried this one a few times now and I don’t like it. I find […]

Top 5 Mint Shisha Flavors Minty goodness is my favorite way to refresh the taste buds after smoking and reviewing countless flavors but what are my favorite mint flavors? There may be more mint tobaccos to choose from than any other flavor thanks to some brands having multiple different mints, which can get a bit overwhelming. Now I’m here […] Paul: Hello It is Paul and Cari here on the fourth of July smoking Shisha Fruits Mint. This is one that I’ve been looking forward to ever since we got the Shisha Fruits samples because I absolutely love mint flavors and this is pretty good so far. It’s definitely minty. It has elements […] Summer is here and it’s already making me regret living in the desert. Today we are going to teach you how to get the coldest smoke your hookah can produce. Just a few simple steps and you’ll be blowing your own mini arctic vortexes. 1. Ice Cubes I’m sure you’ve heard about putting ice cubes […] Mint is the foundation of any good hookah tobacco collection. While many have tried to topple the king, few have even come close to unseating my idea of minty perfection. Nakhla Mint is easily in the top three best mint tobaccos on the market and everyone needs to try it. Nakhla is known for […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed